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    Aluminum rapid tooling development
Aluminum rapid tooling development
Produce quality molds using advanced aluminum alloys and precise, high-speed CNC machining.
Our customers can expect their molds completed and rapid molded products in 1-2 weeks
Aluminum tools help lower the risk on a project because they¡¯re faster, cheaper and can run low-volume production or bridge parts until the production tooling comes on-line.
Rapid tooling is becoming the new standard in the industry. It is used for prototype tooling, bridge tooling and for low-volume production tooling
It transfers heat better at the press, so the parts are removed at a lower temperature. This leads to better dimensional stability of parts providing higher yields on the molding QC system.
And mold temperature is even that helps material filling during injection, as well as reducing stress inside of the parts after molding
It¡¯s easier to move around the shop, this factor help us deliver molds to you faster.
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